South Tyrol Sustainability Seal

In South Tyrol a plaque is given to destinations and accommodation establishments actively committed to a sustainable future: the South Tyrol Sustainability Seal. Based upon the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria, it gives recognition to en-tities in the tourism industry that ensure the protection of nature and people. Those people who, with concrete measures, tirelessly contribute to making South Tyrol a more sustainable place.
The road to sustainability is long. There are, indeed, three Seal’s levels. Each level needs different criteria to be met. The third – which is the highest - corresponds to the GSTC certification and it is thus globally recognized.

Level 1:

By bearing a Level 1 Sustainability Seal, we have taken the first steps towards a sustain-able transformation. We have therefore rethought our strategy and planned corrective measures. We calculate our energy, water and CO2 consumption to lessen our impact on the environment. On these premises, we already use renewable energy. We avoid cleaning agents containing harmful substances and cut down on the waste we produce. We also encourage our guests to act responsibly.

We leave the kitchen in the village - Val d'Ega Taste Local - Strengthening regional cycles

It is very important for the Val d'Ega to pursue a long-term and, above all, credible sustainability strategy. This should be "lived" at all levels of tourism. The Val d'Ega Taste Local project was launched in 2022 to promote small-scale cycles.
Farmers from Val d'Ega sell their vegetables and eggs directly to hotels and restaurants.
The aim is to gain valuable experience, learn from each other and grow together.
The transparent exchange between restaurateurs and farmers is particularly important, as is the willingness to work together and take into account the needs of all parties involved. Our common goal is for all products grown and provided by the farmers to be used by the food service industry. We are aware that the Eggental farmers are not yet able to cover the entire demand.

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